tandem mill weirton backup rolls

ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES non-confidential report ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES . ANALYSIS OF ALTERNATIVES . non-confidential report . Legal name of applicants: Hoogovens Court Roll Surface Technologies V.O.F. WAVEC . Trattamento Cilindri Laminazione S.r.l. REPORT OF SURVEY CONDUCTED AT - InfoHouse Weirton Steel's accomplishments in MIS customer service, workers' compensation, safety, predictive maintenance, employee training, vessel assembly and changeout, and the rebuilding of the tandem . Part II - April 09, 2007 - Regulations - VLEX 26850776 In 2004, Weirton experienced a coke supply disruption when U.S. Steel (a tin mill steel producer) declared force majeure on a supply contract with Weirton in a very tight market for coke, forcing Weirton to limit operations in that year.21    Read More