rule for calculating reinforcement in rcc

Lap Length Of Reinforcement Bars - Daily Civil Lap Length: Development length and lap length are two important terms in reinforcement. But many of us get confused with the difference between development length and lap length. In our previous article we have already discussed what is development length of bars, today we . CECALC - Reinforced Concrete Beam Calculations Calculate the required embedment length of shear reinforcement for a concrete beam. Required for no. 6, no. 7 or no. 8 stirrups with fy 40,000 psi. Maximum Tension Steel Spacing Reinforced concrete beam and 1-way slab calculator The required reinforcement area, A s, will be calculated (for slabs, the required spacing of a selected bar size is calculated). More detailed explanations and examples of reinforced concrete beam and slab design can be found in my text .    Read More