industrial application of iron

Industrial Heat Guns, Soldering Irons, Butane Torches ... Heat has many industrial applications. The proper use of the right heat technology and the right product is necessary to achieve optimum results for each heat application. Master Appliance is continually developing new heat tool products and techniques to meet the demands of the widening market of new applications. Master heat tool products are designed and constructed to provide our . Iron and Steel - OpenLearn - Open University More ductile 'wrought' iron could be made at the start of the Industrial Revolution, but only by a slow, small-scale and labour intensive process, so wrought iron was an expensive commodity. A way had to be found of making iron and steel on a large scale. Iron: Biological Action - Nautilus Home Page Iron plays an important part in the metabolic processes of the animals, being a vital representative in the cells of all mammals. The function of the iron in the body is limited almost exclusively to the oxygen transport in the blood, through the hemoglobin . iron industrial applications - trackmedia J.R. Hoe is a producer of iron castings used for a variety of industrial applications. The advantage of using J.R. Hoe is that they are a single source manufacturer that handle the designing, casting process, and machining operations.    Read More