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Rivera Rockcrusher vs Rockcrusher Recording - XLR output ... Jun 05, 2017· The DI out of the standard Rockcrusher is unbuffered, being a completely passive unit as you say. The impedance of that output varies according to where the level knob is set and subsequently so does the tone. Estimate Jaw Crusher Capacity Tables herein contain information that is typical of output from crushers discussed above. The capacities are based on the crusher receiving full, continuous feed of clean, dry, friable stone weighing 100 lb/cu ft. Rock Crusher | Feed The Beast Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Rock Crusher is 2x3x2 machine added by Railcraft, used to process various materials. The Crusher is built out of 12 special blocks made from a Steel Block, Pistons, and Diamonds. If broken down, it takes 3 Blocks of Steel, 12 Pistons, and 12 Diamonds to build one Rock Crusher.    Read More