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The crucial importance of long-term follow-up for Ebola ... Viraemia and Ebola virus secretion in survivors of Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional cohort study. ... That only one male consented to provide a semen sample precludes estimating the proportion of males with positive semen samples. However, this low consent should help other investigators plan follow-up studies and, most ... USDA APHIS | Bring Semen and Embryos into the U.S. (Import) The importation of equine germplasm (semen, embryos, oocytes and/or cloning tissue) into the U.S. from countries affected with African horse sickness (AHS) is prohibited. WHO declares official end to Ebola outbreak in West Africa ... Liberia, which along with Sierra Leone and Guinea was an epicenter of the latest outbreak, was first declared free of the disease last May, but new cases emerged two times - forcing officials ...    Read More