safety in mining coal

Mine safety: Seven ways to make mines safer and more ... A group of ia coal miners awaiting a shift in 1974. Technology and increased regulation have led to improvements in mine safety and helped make mining a less dangerous profession. In 2017 according to the US Department of Labor there were 15 fatalities in coal mines and 13 in metal/non-metal operations. Division of Mine Safety | Resources The Kentucky Mining Institute The Kentucky Mining Institute was organized in July 6, 1940 with the following objectives: 1. The advancement of the mining industry by encouraging and promoting the study and investigation of mining problems. 2. The promotion of education in practical and scientific mining. 3. Mine Safety - Utah The Coal Mine Safety office can be reached at 435-636-1467. The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining is charged by Utah statute with overseeing the environmental management of coal mining operations, and with ensuring the public's health and safety.    Read More